Bobby Venom Will MAKE Braydon Knight Submit on March 29th in Riverton!

Or so he says.  Venom is making his Coastal Pro Wrestling debut that evening, and says he plans on making a name for himself by defeating Knight, one of the most popular, and highest ranked stars in Coastal.

Bryadon Knight is in the title picture at Coastal, and Bobby Venom knows that by beating him, he’ll catapult himself into the same position.

By TheNatural54

Stockade – Coming For YOU, Magic, on March 29th!

Stockade is a man of few words, most of his talking is done in the ring, but he did have a message for his opponent on March 29th in Riverton, NJ.  He’s facing the east coast wrestling legend known as Magic, and Stockade knows that a win over a man of this stature will elevate him to the top echelon at Coastal.

By TheNatural54

The Cave Man Is Ready For Coastal!

The Disrespectfuls have their hands full in Riverton on March 29th, as Commissioner Rev. Buddy Graham has placed them in a teg match with two newcomers to Coastal Pro Wrestling, who are also two of the most insane wrestlers seen today.

The first is Slayer, whose ring entrance alone (in a straighjacket, often with a bone in his mouth) is enough to scare everyone.  Add to the mix The Cave Man, who in this short video (does he live in that little corner?) shows that he’s more than ready to take on the Disrespectfuls.  Corporate Violence will be tried that night by Slayer & The Cave Man!

By TheNatural54

Josh Adams is NOT Happy…

Then again, he never seems happy.  This Coastal star was on the verge of a championship match last year, and now has to work his way back into the title picture, and is angry over the fact that Coastal Commissioner Buddy Graham has put him in a tag team match.  He doesn’t even like his partner, but one thing is certain, Adams likes the gold, especially if it’s around his waist.  Maybe that will bring a smile to his face….

By TheNatural54

El Angel Azul Discusses His Coastal Debut on March 29th!

Rev. Buddy Graham has spent many sleepless nights putting together a very exciting card, but wanted to add yet one more match for all of the Coastal fans.  This match truly has international flavor, as “The Hooligan” Geoffrey Bravo (from England) will be facing the lucha star known as El Angel Azul, who made the following comments concerning this upcoming match.

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It’s Amadeus vs. Bad Boy in Riverton

Bad Boy Danny Pagan is a former Coastal Heavyweight Champion.  It was a long road for the veteran, who’s held many titles for not only Coastal, but for Force 1, Bronx Wrestling Federation, and in his native Puerto Rico.

Pagan lost the title to Jersey Shore legend Biggie Biggs, and is looking to get himself back into the Coastal Pro Wrestling title picture.  It’s not going to be easy, as he has to start by going through another veteran, Amadeus Thorne.  Thorne is also no stranger to gold, having held titles in several promotions.

One thing is certain.  At least one of them will move forward in their quest for a Coastal Championship.


By TheNatural54

The Disrespectfuls Plan On Bringing Corporate Violence To Riverton on 3/29

The tag team known as The Disrespectfuls had a little something to say last night before they went gambling in the casino…..the biggest gamble will be on who will win in their tag team match on March 29th against two of the most maniacal wrestlers on the East Coast, the veteran known as Slayer, and his partner, the young and equally off the hook CaveMan.

By TheNatural54

Braydon Knight Talks His Coastal Return & Facing Bobby Venom

Up until the Coastal hiatus that took place last summer, Braydon Knight was considered one of the top wrestlers in Coastal, and was in line for several championship matches, both the US title, as well as the Coastal Heavyweight Championship.

Knight also took some time off from wrestling, and interestingly enough, came back right around the same time that Coastal announced their next show on March 29th in Riverton.

Knight will be facing a man known as “The Submission Technician” Bobby Venom.  Venom is an accomplished veteran of the business, having wrestled all through the US, as well as the Caribbean, and holds several titles in other promotions.  With that said, he’s never faced “The Unstoppable” Braydon Knight.  This might just be the most exciting match that evening.

By TheNatural54

Buff Brothers In Action On March 29th

The young tag team known as the Buff Brothers have taken down virtually all of the competition in the tri state area, and will try to continue their success on March 29th at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton.

Coastal Commissioner Rev. Buddy Graham has put together a tag team that he feels is up to the challenge.  2 hungry wrestlers, both of who have little tag experience but lots of talent, will get that opportunity.  Charlie Salmon is a veteran who wants to keep his name in the mix for a Coastal title.  Absolute Adams was set to face Braydon Knight for the Coastal US Championship when Coastal went on hiatus this past summer.

Can they work together & defeat a team that has defeated every other team that’s stood across the ring from them?  We’ll find out on the 29th.


By TheNatural54

James Coller Doesn’t Care Who His Partner Is In Riverton on March 29th

One thing is certain.  On March 29th at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton, NJ…..James Coller will have a partner, and the two of them will face off against 2 Coastal Pro Wrestling favorites in Sgt. Dan Gleason, and the legend, Wacky Wayne Woo.  While Coller’s partner is scheduled to be Modar that evening, Coller’s big mouth can certainly cause that to change!

By TheNatural54