May 31st Show Has Been ReScheduled to Friday June 20th

Karlee Johnson show on May 31st rescheduled for June 20th

As always, sometimes life becomes more important than pro wrestling. In the case of Rev Buddy Graham the commissioner of Coastal Pro Wrestling, this is one of those times.
For most of you, by the time you read this, he will be boarding a plane to spend his father’s last moments with Budd and the rest of his family. Budd is dedicated to his dad, and I don’t know of anyone that would deny a guy his dad’s final days on earth.
As a result, Coastal has no alternative but to reschedule this fundraiser to Friday June 20th, as it’s the only date that Sacred Heart Church has available.  For any of you who have already purchased tickets for the 5/31 date, those tickets will be honored on June 20th.  For anyone who has bought tickets and can’t make the new date, you can contact 609-724-4076 for a refund.
Here’s a revised poster for the event, which to the best of our knowledge, will remain the same. If the card changes, we’ll update you here, and on our Facebook page.
Please keep Buddy & his family in your thoughts an prayers as they come together to pay tribute to a great man.


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Rev. Buddy Graham With Some Final Words Before The Karlee Johnson Showdown…

“The Minister Of Pro Wrestling” & Coastal Commissioner Buddy Graham is NEVER (and we do mean never….) at a loss for words, and in this video, Graham gives sort of a “State of Coastal Pro Wrestling” prior to the May 31st show at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton, NJ

He’s already suspended one of Coastal’s top stars (Stockade), and has issued warnings to many in Coastal Pro Wrestling, from wrestlers & managers to even the ring announcer.  Graham has insisted that it’s a new dawn at Coastal, while Coastal originals continue to haunt the commissioner with blasts from the past.  The one thing Graham has emphasized about the event on May 31st is that the ticket monies will be used to establish a scholarship fund for Karlee Johnson, a wonderful 7 year old whose father passed away recently.  We’re pretty sure that all of the Coastal roster can at least agree on that…..

Karlee Showdown

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A Letter To Coastal Pro Wrestling, From James Coller……

The Reverend Buddy Graham passed this e-mail along to us from James Coller:

James Coller


Dear whom ever it may concern in Coastal Pro Management,

This letter is a formal complaint against the Coastal Management. Last show you force me against my will to team with Big Vince. Who basically left me on my own to fight his own personal battle. Not to mention the man decided to drive my head into the mat after the match. And for that you rewarded him and gave him the match he wanted at the next show. That’s ridiculous and down right wrong.

With that aside my biggest problem with you is you over look the best talent you have on that roster. I have not been contacted in anyway shape or form by you to be booked on this event. I have more then earned my spot and you know it but I guess this is Buddy Graham’s way to protect himself. Don’t think I haven’t notice him cowering away in fear when I come through the curtain. It could be that ring announcer Phil Varlese is afraid I may actually lay him out like I threatened to do to him in March.

Whatever your reason is for leaving me off this event I don’t care. This is not just my complaint but my warning to you. You may have not booked me or want me there but I will be there. Try and have your security throw me out or stop me from getting into the building. I will get in and I will not be thrown out and I will make you pay for overlooking me. Coastal Pro will learn their lesson the hard way because that’s the only option you gave me.

Your “Friend”,
James Coller

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Amadeus Thorn – “I’ll Be Back!”

Coastal star Amadeus Thorn is not booked on the Karlee Johnson Showdown, which will take place on May 31st at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton.  He’s not upset, he just feels that the fans are losing out by not being witness to his talent.  Despite this, Commissioner Buddy Graham has not put him on the card, but has promised him a high profile match on the NEXT Coastal show, scheduled to take place in July.

Can the fans wait that long?  Time will tell……..

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The Legend, The Icon…….MAGIC, On the 3 Way in Riverton On May 31st!

Some people at Coastal are saying that the legend, the icon known as Magic is “too old” to move forward in this semi final match to crown the next Coastal Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.  The problem is, no one has told him that, because of where they’d be if the got up the courage to say that to his face.

Magic is in a 3 way dance on May 31st at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton, NJ.  He’ll be facing former Coastal Champion Bad Boy Danny Pagan, as well as the Unstoppable Braydon Knight.  While both these wrestlers are younger than the legend, the fact remains that he’s logged more ring hours than both of his competitors combined.

See this semi final match at the Karlee Johnson Showdown on May 31st at Sacred Heart Church, 103 4th St. in Riverton, NJ.  This show is a fundraiser for young Karlee Johnson, who recently lost her father, and all ticket revenue will be used to set up a scholarship fund for her.  Tickets are $8 in advance, and $10 at the door on the night of the show.  To purchase tickets, call 609-724-4076.


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There’s A Rumor……..

….That a former Coastal  Champion will be in the house at the Karlee Johnson Showdown on May 31st at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton, NJ.  There have been several Coastal Champions over the past few years.  Former champions Bad Boy Danny Pagan & Johnny Calzone have already been confirmed, so we’re not sure who’s rumored to be in attendance yet.  One thing is sure however……..former champions are never happy with the word “former” in front of champion.

Coastal Champ Belt

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Atomic Dog Talks About His Match With Rockin Rebel

The Atomic Dog is making his Coastal Pro Wrestling debut on May 31st at the Karlee Johnson Showdown in Riverton, NJ.  In this video, a confident  Dog is asking ECW original & wrestling veteran The Rockin Rebel if he’s ready for his match that night!

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It’s MORE Than Just A Match…..

It’s the 20th anniversary of the first Singapore Cane Match, and one of the participants, ECW Original Iron Man Tommy Cairo will be in the ring that night as Special Guest Referee in Coastal Pro Wrestling’s Singapore Cane Match that pits Wayne Woo against Vicious Vince Ceres…..

The Karlee Johnson Showdown takes place on Saturday, May 31st at Sacred Heart School in Riverton, NJ.  Tickets are $8 in advance, and $10 at the door on the night of the show.  Call 609-724-4076 for advance tickets & information.

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