Karlee Johnson Showdown (6/20 – Riverton) Quick Results

1.  Cave Man defeated Stan “The Man” Stylezz

2.  Josh “Absolute” Adams beat “Buff” John Graber

3.  Atomic Dog pinned The Wrestler Formerly Known As Luscious LaRon

4.  The Disrespectfuls defeated Team Shazam!

5.  “Irishman” James Coller & Slayer were both counted out of the ring by Referee Spanky 1-2-3

6.  Vicious Vince Ceres became #1 contender for the Coastal Heavyweight Title when he defeated Wacky Wayne Woo (with some help from guest referee The IronMan Tommy Cairo)

7.  The Legend, the Icon Magic became Coastal Heavyweight Champion when he defeated Stockade & Biggie Biggs.

A good turnout with an energetic crowd, and 100% of all ticket revenue (as well as some of the wrestlers personal paydays) are being turned over to set up a scholarship fund for 7 year old Karlee Johnson, who also attended the event.

Thanks to both Sacred Heart Parish, and Bella Pizza Cafe of Delran (Show Sponsor) for their efforts.


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By TheNatural54

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