May 31st Show Has Been ReScheduled to Friday June 20th

Karlee Johnson show on May 31st rescheduled for June 20th

As always, sometimes life becomes more important than pro wrestling. In the case of Rev Buddy Graham the commissioner of Coastal Pro Wrestling, this is one of those times.
For most of you, by the time you read this, he will be boarding a plane to spend his father’s last moments with Budd and the rest of his family. Budd is dedicated to his dad, and I don’t know of anyone that would deny a guy his dad’s final days on earth.
As a result, Coastal has no alternative but to reschedule this fundraiser to Friday June 20th, as it’s the only date that Sacred Heart Church has available.  For any of you who have already purchased tickets for the 5/31 date, those tickets will be honored on June 20th.  For anyone who has bought tickets and can’t make the new date, you can contact 609-724-4076 for a refund.
Here’s a revised poster for the event, which to the best of our knowledge, will remain the same. If the card changes, we’ll update you here, and on our Facebook page.
Please keep Buddy & his family in your thoughts an prayers as they come together to pay tribute to a great man.


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