A Letter To Coastal Pro Wrestling, From James Coller……

The Reverend Buddy Graham passed this e-mail along to us from James Coller:

James Coller


Dear whom ever it may concern in Coastal Pro Management,

This letter is a formal complaint against the Coastal Management. Last show you force me against my will to team with Big Vince. Who basically left me on my own to fight his own personal battle. Not to mention the man decided to drive my head into the mat after the match. And for that you rewarded him and gave him the match he wanted at the next show. That’s ridiculous and down right wrong.

With that aside my biggest problem with you is you over look the best talent you have on that roster. I have not been contacted in anyway shape or form by you to be booked on this event. I have more then earned my spot and you know it but I guess this is Buddy Graham’s way to protect himself. Don’t think I haven’t notice him cowering away in fear when I come through the curtain. It could be that ring announcer Phil Varlese is afraid I may actually lay him out like I threatened to do to him in March.

Whatever your reason is for leaving me off this event I don’t care. This is not just my complaint but my warning to you. You may have not booked me or want me there but I will be there. Try and have your security throw me out or stop me from getting into the building. I will get in and I will not be thrown out and I will make you pay for overlooking me. Coastal Pro will learn their lesson the hard way because that’s the only option you gave me.

Your “Friend”,
James Coller

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By TheNatural54

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