The Legend, The Icon…….MAGIC, On the 3 Way in Riverton On May 31st!

Some people at Coastal are saying that the legend, the icon known as Magic is “too old” to move forward in this semi final match to crown the next Coastal Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.  The problem is, no one has told him that, because of where they’d be if the got up the courage to say that to his face.

Magic is in a 3 way dance on May 31st at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton, NJ.  He’ll be facing former Coastal Champion Bad Boy Danny Pagan, as well as the Unstoppable Braydon Knight.  While both these wrestlers are younger than the legend, the fact remains that he’s logged more ring hours than both of his competitors combined.

See this semi final match at the Karlee Johnson Showdown on May 31st at Sacred Heart Church, 103 4th St. in Riverton, NJ.  This show is a fundraiser for young Karlee Johnson, who recently lost her father, and all ticket revenue will be used to set up a scholarship fund for her.  Tickets are $8 in advance, and $10 at the door on the night of the show.  To purchase tickets, call 609-724-4076.


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By TheNatural54

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