Good Friends Become Enemies On May 31st…

Pro wrestling can make many friendships.  Most wrestlers will tell you that, as there’s an implied brotherhood amongst the guys who work so hard to entertain you pro wrestling fans.


In the case of Coastal’s stars, there’s an exceptional friendship between fan favorites Magic, The Unstoppable Braydon Knight, and “Bad Boy” Danny Pagan.  They have a special cameraderie, which was evident at the March Coastal show in Riverton, where Magic was attacked post match by his opponent, Stockade.  Both Pagan and Knight rushed out to fight off Stockade (who was suspended by Rev. Buddy Graham), and help their friend to his feet after the attack.

That friendship will be put aside on May 31st at the Karlee Johnson Showdown, when all 3 of these tough competitors will face each other in a 3 way dance, with the winner moving on to the finals for the Coastal Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

All 3 seem confident of a victory.  Pagan, who’s already won the title in the past, the legend Magic, who’s worn more gold than Mr. T, and Knight, whose star is on the rise, and is being considered for the roster of Booker T’s wrestling promotion in Texas.  All 3 bring different styles and backgrounds to this match, which will be THE match that everyone will want to see that night at Sacred Heart Church, at 103 4th St. in Riverton.

MagicKnightBad Boy (2)



Tickets for the Karlee Johnson Showdown are $8 in advance and $10 at the door on the night of the show.  Doors open at 6:15, with a bell time of 7 pm.  Call 609-724-4076 for tickets and info.


By TheNatural54

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