Jael Rose Is “WORRIED” About Johnny Calzone??

At Coastal Pro Wrestling, we don’t believe that for a minute.  With that said, Coastal Commissioner Buddy Graham is in fact worried.  About a week ago, both Jael Rose & Johnny Calzone were having a war of words on social media.

Graham, wanting to give his wrestlers what they want (and even more to the fans in attendance at the Karlee Johnson Showdown on May 31st), put both Jael Rose & Johnny Calzone in a match.  Since speaking with Calzone last week, Rose has continued his tirade on Facebook & Twitter, while Calzone has gone silent.   Graham is wondering if perhaps Rose is correct, that Calzone no longer has what made him Force 1 Champion several years ago, and the last Coastal champ before the relaunch.

We hope Calzone shows up for his match at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton.  More important, Coastal hopes that Calzone not only responds soon, but shows up with the attitude that made him championship material.

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By TheNatural54

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