Graham Makes The Match……..Rose vs. Calzone on May 31st

The Reverend Buddy Graham isn’t one to wait to act.  After seeing the dialogue that’s taken place on social media between former Coastal Pro Wrestling heavyweight champion Johnny Calzone & current Coastal star Jael Rose, he’s signed both to face each other at the Karlee Johnson Showdown, scheduled to take place on Saturday May 31st at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton, NJ.

“I originally had Rose scheduled to face another opponent……….I haven’t spoken with Calzone since the Coastal relaunch, since I didn’t view him in our current lineup” Graham said when he announced the match.  “Why Jael Rose would instigate anything with Johnny Calzone is  beyond my comprehension, but when I saw how quickly the argument escalated, and how the fans began to get involved, I felt it was in the best interests of Coastal Pro Wrestling and their fans to book this match as soon as possible”

Advance tickets are only $8, and can be purchased by calling 609-724-4076.



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By TheNatural54

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