Rose/Calzone Heats Up

It started innocently enough a few days ago.  Former Coastal Heavyweight Champion Johnny Calzone posted a pic of current Coastal star Jael Rose……Well here, let’s show you.


Calzone went as far as to post this to Rose on his Facebook page:

I want to fight you. I want to prove to the whole world that your talk is cheap.

Evidently, Rose has become somewhat of an internet phenomenon, challenging opponents all over the country.  Some have taken him up on his offers, while others have been dismissing him, refusing to take on someone they consider so self aggrandizing.  Calzone, who may still be upset over the fact that Coastal went on a hiatus less than a month after he defeated Biggie Biggs for the Coastal Heavyweight Championship, thinks Rose is doing the same thing in Coastal.

This must have set Jael Rose off, as he’s been goading Calzone over the past several days.  Check out the following posts & pics.


The latest pissed off bitch talking about killing me. Guess I gotta send him away for good. Dude beat up punk ass Sami and think he the truth.

And then this…

I leave Jersey for a few months and lame asses start thinking they king.

And THIS…..

Calzone be like… “Jael you wrestling at Coastal?  Imma kick your ass.” Dude been missing for an entire year. Garbage.

Truth be known, Calzone was injured during the match against Biggs that put the title around his waist.  He ended up with a partial tear of his ACL, and would have been out out of action even if Coastal had not gone on a 7 month hiatus.  The “Country Whippin’ Match” was held on one of the hottest days in July of 2013, in a building with no air conditioning, where the heat in the building was over 100 degrees.  Both Calzone & Biggs were physically exhausted, and hurting from the many welts all over their bodies, courtesy of the lumberjacks (equipped with straps) around the ring.  Rose was there that evening, though not in the main event, but one could see the rivalry brewing, as Rose was the one who took the strap to Calzone harder and more repeated than anyone else.

Calzone wouldn’t be outdone, and this afternoon said the following on his social media pages:

Jael Rose be like:
Hey man. I’m the king of wrestling. Last time I checked, people knew who their king was, and no one knows who Jael Rose is.

Rose fired right back……

Truth be told. This dude wake up every morning and curses GOD for not letting him be me.

This rivalry seems to be brewing, though Commissioner Buddy Graham has been quoted as saying that he already had Rose booked in a match at the Karlee Johnson Showdown in Riverton, NJ on May 31st.

One thing is certain.  Johnny Calzone and Jael Rose are carrying a grudge, one that needs to be settled.


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