Adams Predicts BIG Victory Over Salmon

Josh “Absolute” Adams was quite upset at the last Coastal show in Riverton, NJ in March.  He was upset with Commissioner Buddy Graham moving him “down the ladder” in the Coastal Championship rankings, but he was also upset with Charlie Salmon, who he was thrown into a tag team match with on the evening of the show.  He walked out on Salmon, and the team lost the match to The Buff Brothers.

When confronted by the popular Salmon, Adams turned on him, and started to administer a beatdown until the Commissioner informed both wrestlers that they would be settling this “problem” at the next Coastal Pro Wrestling show, called The Karlee Johnson Showdown, scheduled to take place on Saturday May 31st at the HOME of Coastal Pro Wrestling, Sacred Heart Church at 103 4th St. in Riverton, NJ.

While Salmon has promised his fans a victory that night, Adams has promised to administer a beating, AND a victory.  Check out this video, Adams didn’t dip himself in neon, he’s literally glowing over what he thinks will be a huge win for him that night.

Tickets for this event are only $8 in advance, and $10 on the night of the show.  For tickets call 609-724-4076

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By TheNatural54

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