Salmon Say’s He’ll Be Movin’ On Up After He Defeats Adams on May 31st

The team of Beautiful Charlie Salmon & Absolute Adams had a breakdown in their March tag team match against The Buff Brothers……well, sort of.

The breakdown was that Adams simply walked out on his tag partner, leaving him to take the loss, and then attacked him not long after.  It was evident before the match that Adams (A Coastal origina),  was not happy with losing his spot for a championship under the new regime of  the Rev. Buddy Graham.  With that said, Commissioner Graham announced that evening that these two could settle their differences at the next Coastal show, scheduled to take place on May 31st at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton.

A surprisingly upbeat Salmon decided to deliver a message to Adams, where he promises a victory & a plan to put himself in the Coastal title picture.

Tickets for the Karlee Johnson Throwdown are $8 in advance, and $10 at the door, and can be purchased by calling 609-724-4076.  Don’t miss this show!

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By TheNatural54

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