It’s Woo Vs. Ceres on May 31st In A Singapore Cane Match….And Guess Who’s The Guest Referee?

Vicious Vince Ceres and Wayne Woo are stars from the “original” Coastal Pro Wrestling.  They also don’t like each other…….A LOT.  That was made obvious in March of this year in Riverton, NJ, when the 2 big men decided to abandon the tag match that they were in to brawl outside the ring, until Coastal Commissioner Rev. Buddy Graham stopped the match to announce that Woo & Ceres would be facing each other on May 31st in a Singapore Cane Match!

They’ve actually fought with the kendo sticks before.   Here’s a shot from a Coastal Show at the Bayville Elks Lodge several years ago….


As you can see, Wayne Woo had the advantage in this photo, but in a Singapore Cane match, things can change rather quickly.

An to that end, Graham has brought in a special referee for this match…… of the participants in the ORIGINAL Singapore Cane Match back in May of 1994, The IronMan Tommy Cairo!  Here’s a pic of Cairo (along with Sandman’s wife Peaches) in the match that put ECW on the map.


So, this Singapore Cane Match will be exactly 20 years since the first one, and Cairo says that he will be ready to raise the hand of the winner in Riverton on May 31st.  Despite the honor of participating in the show that evening, Cairo has admitted that he he still has issues with not only Coastal Commissioner Buddy Graham, but also with ring announcer Phil Varlese, who evidently lost control of Coastal Pro Wrestling (which Cairo along with Fred Richards were partners), and somehow put it in the hands of the Rev. Graham.  Cairo has promised however, that the fans in Riverton at Sacred Heart Church will be the real winners that evening, since they will see some of the most exciting pro wrestling in the tri state area, while helping a great cause, which is the establishment of a scholarship fund for young Karlee Johnson, who lost her father recently.

Advance tickets are $8, and are available by calling 609-724-4076.  They will also be available at the door on the evening of the show, and the price will be $10, so save some money & buy your tickets now!

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