Johnny Calzone Appearing in Riverton on May 31st?

Sources within Coastal Pro Wrestling are saying that “former” Coastal Heavyweight Champion Johnny Calzone plans on appearing at the Karlee Johnson Showdown, scheduled to take place on Saturday May 31st at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton, NJ.


Calzone was the last Coastal Heavyweight Champion, after he defeated former Coastal Champion Biggie Biggs on July 13, 2103 at the “Clash At The Creek” show at Sportz Central in Bellmawr.  Soon after that show, Coastal  Pro Wrestling went on a hiatus, and to date, Calzone has not lost the title, nor has he been stripped of it.

Interestingly however, Commissioner Buddy Graham has started a Heavyweight Championship Tournament, the first 3 matches of which took place in March.  Magic, Braydon Knight, and Bad Boy Danny Pagan have all advanced, but one has to wonder if Calzone is visiting the upcoming show to confront the Reverend Buddy Graham about his decision to move on without him,


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By TheNatural54

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