Coastal (Quick Results) March 29, 2014.

Reverend Buddy Graham opened the show by making sure everyone knows it is a new day at Coastal and how he is in charge now.

Josh Glide and Wacky Wayne Woo beat James Coller and Vicious Vince Ceres when Coller was pinned by Glide.  As a result of Woo and Vince’s actions post match, Rev. Buddy Graham put them in a Singapore cane match at the next show, scheduled to take place at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton on May 31st.

Geoff Bravo pinned El Angel Azul

The Buff Brothers won their tag match thanks to Absolute Adams and Charlie Salmon got counted out.  After the match both Salmon and Adams fought until Rev Graham told them both that they’d be able to settle this score on the May 31st show.

Princess Christy Johnson (with Rob Tension)  and Autumn  Breeze fought to a  double count out.  Fans seemed to really dislike Johnson, as signs in the ring indicated their distaste for The Princess and her manager.

Cave Man & Slayer got a  surprising win over The Disrespectfuls,  and ring announcer Phil Valdese gave manager Matthew Ryan Shapiro a spelling lesson in front of the Coastal fans.  

Braydon Knight was scheduled to take on Bobby Venom, who was unable to be there.  Knight came out and challenged anyone wanting to wrestle to come to the ring, ,and to everyone surprise Rex Lawless made his long awaited return to Coastal, but in the end it was Knight with the pin and advancement in the Heavyweight Title Tournament.

It looks like Bad Boy Danny Pagan hasn’t missed a beat as he took it to Amadeus last night and got the 123 also moving him along in the title tournament as well.

The legend & icon Magic got the victory over The Devil’s Outlaw Stockade (who was accompanied by Thorson Creed) despite Stockade’s hard fought battle.   Magic also has moved forward in the Heavyweight Title Tournament.  As a result of their post match assault on Magic, Graham has suspended Stockade and Thorson Creed for 60 days.

On May 31st Coastal will feature a 3 way elimination match.   Braydon knight vs Bad Boy Danny Pagan vs Magic will be their next step to the title.

Coastal would like to wish Sargent Dan Gleason, who suffered an injury prior to the show a speedy recovery.

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