Next Match Announced For March 29th Show.

New Coastal Commissioner (The Rev.) Buddy Graham has been very busy putting the latest Coastal show together that will take place on Saturday March 29th.  Graham is in the process of finding & putting together some incredible tag teams, and the result of his efforts will take place that evening.

One of the tag teams that will be making their Coastal debut are well known in indy wrestling circles.  They’re known as The Disrespectfuls, and have been tearing it up in the metropolitan area wrestling scene.  They’re going to have their hands full that evening, as Graham has put together a very unique tag team to face them.

The indy wrestling legend known as Slayer will be teaming with the rising star known as Caveman.  Both these wrestlers are uncontrollable, so what can happen in this match is any0ne’s guess!

Tickets for the show are only $10 in advance, and $11 at the door on the night of the show.  Call 609-724-4076 for tickets and information.


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By TheNatural54

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