“Clash At The Creek” Results

A small but energetic crowd of Coastal Pro Wrestling fans turned up at Sportz Central in Bellmawr, NJ despite inclement weather to see one of the most exciting shows of the summer.

The opening contest saw two wrestlers making their Coastal debut, ‘The Wrestler of The Millenium” Louis G. Rich and Stockade.  This was a true back and forth match between the two with the crowd clearly behind Stockade, who came out on top.

Coastal Commissioner Phil Varlese was substituting for Daisy Murder as ring announcer this evening, and brought out “TheVoice of Coastal”, the lovely Brookelle to run down the card.  Commissioner Varlese said that he had several surprises, the first of which was that he’d hired a special guest referee for the main event, and brought out ECW original The Rockin’ Rebel, who received a huge ovation from the crowd.  More important, Rebel would be armed in the ring with a leather strap during the match, as well as having lumberjacks surrounding the ring, also armed with straps.

The second announcement was the long awaited one concerning the Coastal Iron Man Championship.  Varlese talked about the history of the belt, and how it was named after his friend and former partner “Iron Man” Tommy Cairo, and out of respect to Tommy and his new promotion G1, Coastal would be retiring the belt, but would begin a tournament to crown the NEW Coastal United States champion.  This brought out “The Unstoppable” Braydon Knight, who was the number one contender for the Iron Man belt that had just been retired.  He asked how this affected him and was told he was in fact the #1 contender, but that so were “The American Psycho” Alex Payne, and Josh “Absolute” Adams, so tonight there would be a 3 way match, but the LOSER would be eliminated from the tournament.  In one of the most exciting matches of the night, Braydon Knight had just hit his Kryptonite Crunch finisher on Alex Payne, when Josh Adams jumped Knight, and stole the pin.  Now, Payne has been eliminated, and it appears that Adams and Knight will be moving forward.

In the second round to determine the first Coastal Tag Team Champions, the team of Zero Tolerance (Ox Hogg and Tommy Golden) defeated the team of Luca The Ruthless and the Unknown Luchador.   After the match, Zero Tolerance was beaten down by the Westville Murphys (Jon Dahmer & Ryan Slater), the team they will be facing in the next round of the tournament.

It was after this match that Commissioner Varlese announced that one lucky fan would be allowed to participate in the Country Whippin’ Match in the main event, armed with a leather strap, as a ticket would be pulled at random.

The women of Coastal were next, as Kylie Pierce was to face Chrissy Rivera.  As Brookelle completed her interview with Chrissy, out came  Erik C Jones, who proclaimed that no one wants to hear from a woman, and that the match shouldn’t even take place, as wrestling is a “man’s sport”.  The early part of the match saw Kylie with the advantage, however, Chrissy staged a comeback, only to be met with outside interference from Erik C Jones, who tripped Rivera and caused her to face plant.  Kylie then hit the X-Factor on Chrissy for the win.  After the match, Jones again confronted Chrissy, but she low blowed him, allowing her opponent Pierce to also hit the X-Factor on Erik C Jones, as the two women left the ring together.

The next match saw the Westville Murphys take on the team of Jael Rose and Ophidian.  Remember that The Murphys defeated Rose and Alex Anthony at the last Coastal show, and put them into contention for the Coastal Tag Team Titles.   Before the match started, the Murphys jumped Rose and Ophidian, and began to work over Ophidian, as Rose was forced to look on.  At one point Ophidian got the tag over to Rose, unknown to Jon Dahmer, who continues his assault on Ophidian, only to find Rose behind him who gets the pin as Ryan Slater is pinning Ophidian thinking he was still the legal man.  Your winners – Jael Rose & Ophidian.

The next contest saw Erik C Jones face Vicious Vin Ceres.  Vince has been on a roll of late, decimating virtually every opponent he faces, and this match was no exception.  Jones, already the victim of a low blow & an X Factor in the women’s match, decided his only chance was a low blow to Vicious Vince, which might have worked had not Chrissy Rivera come to ringside and distracted Jones just long enough for Vince to hit his full nelson slam for the pin and the win, keeping him in the mix for the Coastal titles.

In the main event, a NEW Heavyweight Champion was crowned as the 4ce’s Johnny Calzone was able to take the title from “The Chop Daddy” Biggie Biggs in the Country Whippin’ Match.  This was a back and forth battle, with Biggs taking the early advantage, rolling Calzone out to the lumberjacks who took the straps to him every time,  Later, Calzone appeared to gain the advantage, hitting Biggs with several table shots.  As the match progressed, Calzone & fellow 4ce member Alex Payne distracted guest referee Rockin Rebel just long enough for the Westville Murphys to get in the ring and hit a spike piledriver on Biggs, allowing Calzone to get the pin, and take the title,  Commissioner Varlese has promised Biggs a return match at the next show, which will have stipulations.

Referees:  Mike Kehner, Jimmy Clydesdale & Rockin Rebel.  Special thanks to Steve Ross on Sound, and Pancoast Productions for their sound and video work, and to Tower Tavern Speaks for Autism, who benefited from a portion of the proceeds.  Special thanks to Camden Riversharks mascot Finley, who was in attendance, greeting the Coastal Fans, and taking pictures with them.


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