The Commissioner Responds To Johnny Calzone & The 4ce

Listen to this, Calzone.  What do you hear?

Nothing really………maybe the sound of one hand clapping.  Maybe in Johnny Calzone’s case it’s the ringing in his ears that won’t go away.  Worse yet, the little voice in the back of his mind that says over and over again “Lie all you want to everyone, but you know the truth”

Lot’s of truths, John.

The truth of the matter is that I was approached recently to participate in a documentary about Force One, an the reason I was asked to be part of this is because I was one of the only originals from Force One that mattered, and you know that Calzone.  You know from the first time that White Lotus walked you through that door at the training center for the first time that it was ME, that I was the straw that stirred the drink at the original Force One.  I worked tirelessly on making Force One the best promotion in South Jersey, and from 2007 until April of 2009, it was.

That’s the truth.

Then there’s the truth that when I left, there was a panic about who was gonna do this now that Varlese was gone, or what would Phil do in this particular situation………and no one had answers.  Tommy didn’t, and neither did Diego, and for months the promotion floundered, trying to find not only an identity, but a leader.

You came along to lead the “new & improved” Force One Pro.  It was good……, it was VERY GOOD.  The problem was, you didn’t have Phil Varlese back in the fold.  And when you guys brought me and Cairo back to sit down and talk business with you, Diego and Sami Callihan, you brought us to the meeting because you knew something was still missing.   And when I told you guys that I wasn’t interested, you got all offended, and re worked the website and proclaimed “Out with the old, in with the new”.  The problem was, this old man forgot more wrestling knowledge than you’d learned up to that point.  Despite that, I wished you luck when Force One Pro decided to affiliate themselves with the National Wrestling Alliance.  It kind of made us brothers.

But not.

When I formed Coastal with Tommy Cairo & Fred Richards, we had already moved on, never even thought about you guys, but when you became part of the NWA, we essentially were forced to work with you.  So we had to endure your arrogant attitude at some of your shows, as well as the couple of shows that you appeared on for us.  And you did a good job…….no VERY GOOD.  But we still considered you one of our F1 graduate students.  And you resented that, and you still do, based on your dislike of what we do.  Look at the way you spoke to our champion, Biggie Biggs, a guy who has been in more high profile matches than all of your matches.  You’re jealous, because you’ve never been a champion for ME, for my promotions, and it bugs you, so now you threaten my champion, after you & your 3 goons jumped both of my champs at the last show.

John, you HAD a great promotion, and THAT is the truth.  The problem is, as good as it was, YOU couldn’t keep it going.  YOU failed.  And now YOU want to invade our shows in the cities that we promote in, like Hammonton, and now Bellmawr, NJ to try to take over.  Well, I have news for you……..We at Coastal Pro Wrestling won’t allow that to happen.  We owe too much to the fans in those communities to allow you to infest our promotion.

Remember one thing, Johnny Calzone.  I’ll be there at Clash At The Creek on July 20th as well.  I may even end up as one of the lumberjacks around the ring.  And I may have a strap too, but even if I don’t, I will stand there and smile as MY champion Biggie Biggs systematically takes you apart, knowing that if you try to get away, I will have Coastal wrestlers around the ring to send you back.

You’re right Mr. Short.  Force One WILL never die……..The spirit of it is in Coastal, and it never left.  See you next week.

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By TheNatural54

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