Reyes Talks Payne!

Coastal Pro Wrestling Iron Man Champion Ricky Reyes has had many successful title defenses over the years, not only at Coastal, but the other indy promotions where he has had the strap around his waist.  For the past 4 years, there has been a thorn in his side, and while he’s never lost the Iron Man Championship to him, he has had some of his toughest matches against him, and on March 9th, it will be no different.

That man is “The American Psycho” Alex Payne.

Despite that, Reyes dismisses the challenger in this quick interview, and seems more occupied with the FORMER Iron Man Champion, Kevin “Mister” Tibbs, who never lost the title, but was stripped of the belt when he was unable to defend it in October of 2012.

Can Tibbs be enough of a distraction to give Alex Payne an advantage?  Find out on March 9th at the Rollway Skating Rink in Hammonton, NJ.  Tickets are still available, including a limited amount of Ringside Seating ($12) at

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By TheNatural54

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