Wrestler Profile – Biggie Biggs!

Picture courtesy of Bill Stahl Photography

Picture courtesy of Bill Stahl Photography

Over the past year, there’s been quite a fuss made over the Coastal Iron Man Championship, currently held by Ricky Reyes, and that’s taken some of the focus from Coastal’s Heavyweight Champion, “The Phat Daddy” Biggie Biggs, so we thought we’d bring you up to date with Biggie’s background and qualifications.

Biggs is a 19 + year veteran, trained by the legendary WWF wrestler known as “Canada’s Greatest Athlete”, Iron Mike Sharpe (with some help from the equally legendary Rik Ratchet).  He made his in ring debut in 1995 under the name “Ranger Nick”, a character that was a “hip-hop” park ranger hailing from the concrete jungle, who had a stuffed beaver as a mascot, who wore an eye patch after losing its eye in a drive by.

Since that debut, the popular wrestler has worked under the names “The Overweight Lover”, “Chop Daddy”, “B Squared” and now the “Phat Daddy”, but Biggs has become somewhat of a wrestling legend in the Jersey Shore area.  The veteran has held more titles than many wrestlers have had matches,  Just take a look at this long list of belts held by Biggs:

UWC New Lisbon U.S. Champion
UWC New Lisbon Heavyweight Champion
UWC Tag Team Champion
UWC Heavyweight Champion

EWA Iron Man Champion
EWA Heavyweight Champion

PWX Heavyweight Champion

IWA Heavyweight Champion

NWS Jersey Shore Champion
NWS Heavyweight Champion

IWF 2005 Commissioner’s Cup Winner (w/Aaron Stride)
IWF Tag Team Champion (4 times)
IWF American Champion
IWF Heavyweight Champion

WWC Tag Team Champion

NWA New York Heavyweight Champion

OVER THE TOP Heavyweight Champion

NWA New Jersey State Heavyweight Championship

And of course, on November 17, 2012, Biggs defeated then NWA Coastal Champion “Bad Boy” Danny Pagan to take the Coastal Heavyweight Championship, after competing several weeks earlier in an 8 man top contenders elimination for the NWA World Championship (won by Tokyo Monster Kahagas as a surprise entry).

Additionally, Biggs has shown up in the top ten contenders for the NWA Heavyweight Championship in the PWI rankings for some time now.  March 9th will be Biggie’s Coastal title defense against the French-Canadian indy star Edouard Gillette, and little is known about this wrestler, who it’s believed is making his first trip to the US from Canada to try to take Biggs’ Heavyweight Championship.


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