Coastal Pro Wrestling Returns!!!


Coastal Commissioner The Rev. Buddy Graham today announced that Coastal Pro Wrestling, who had been on a hiatus since their fundraiser in July, will again be running shows in the South Jersey area soon.

“The time is ripe for a Coastal return” said Graham, who has felt a void in the market for family oriented pro wrestling, said to keep an eye on this page for an announcement concerning their next show.

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Woo Retiring??

Sources within Coastal Pro Wrestling have said that Wacky Wayne Woo will be part of the July 19th show at the Jackson Moose Lodge, as he will be teaming with his friend and tag partner Biggie Biggs,  better known together as The East Coast Choppers.

Those same sources however, are telling the powers that be that this might be Wayne Woo’s final match, as he’s been talking about retirement.

Woo, who had been a staple of indy wrestling in the tri state area before he left for Georgia a few years ago, made an incredible comeback, as most who are his age, and who have been out of the business as long as he has, wouldn’t be able to handle it.

If this is in fact Wacky Wayne Woo;s final wrestling match, this will be THE show of the summer not to miss.  Tickets are available at the door this coming Saturday (July 19th) at the Jackson Moose Lodge, 1240 East Veterans Highway in Jackson.  Admission is $10, and kids 6 and under are admitted free.  Bell time is 4 pm.


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Next Match Announced for July 19th Jackson, NJ Show

Buddy Graham keeps bringing fresh new talent to Coastal Pro Wrestling, and July 19th will be no exception.

Fresh off a big victory at the Karlee Johnson Showdown in Riverton, NJ last month, The Atomic Dog immediately asked Commissioner Graham to find him another opponent, so he can move up several rungs of the Coastal ladder in his hunt to become Coastal Heavyweight Champion.

Well, the commissioner wasted no time, because on July 19th, Atomic Dog will be facing another man ready to make an impact with his Coastal Pro Wrestling debut, the man known as Sinister!

This show will take place on Saturday July 19th at the Jackson Moose Lodge, 1240 East Veterans Hwy, Jackson, NJ.  Bell time is 4 pm.  Tickets are $10, and remember that kids 6 and under are admitted FREE  For more information and/or tickets, call the Moose Lodge (732-367-4076) or call Coastal (609-724-4076)

 Atomic Dog   Sinister

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Another Match Announced For July 19th Show

The Minister of Pro Wrestling & Coastal Commissioner Rev. Buddy Graham has announced the next match for the July 19th show, scheduled to take place at the Jackson (NJ) Moose Lodge.

Josh Adams is coming off a big victory against Buff John Graber at the Karlee Johnson Showdown last month, and will attempt to continue his winning ways, but will have a roadblock in front of him as he will be facing the madman known as Slayer.

Josh Adams   Slayer

Adams is always confident, but Slayer has been known as someone who doesn’t understand the word “fear”.  These two will clash on Saturday July 19th at the Jackson Moose Lodge, 1428 E. Veterans Highway.  Show starts at 4 pm.  Tickets are only $10, and remember that kids aged 6 and under will get free admission.  Other matches will be announced soon, so keep checking back for the latest additions to the show.


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Coastal Returns to Jackson, NJ on July 19th!!

Commissioner Buddy Graham has announced the next Coastal show, and it’s back on the east coast of NJ, as Coastal Pro Wrestling RETURNS to the Jackson Moose Lodge on Saturday July 19th.

It’s going to be a hot day, but the wrestling is going to be even hotter, as Graham has already announced one of the next main events, as #1 contender Vicious Vince Ceres will try to take the Coastal Heavyweight Championship from the waist of the legend, the icon, MAGIC!

More information on this show will be coming soon, so check back often!



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Karlee Johnson Showdown (6/20 – Riverton) Quick Results

1.  Cave Man defeated Stan “The Man” Stylezz

2.  Josh “Absolute” Adams beat “Buff” John Graber

3.  Atomic Dog pinned The Wrestler Formerly Known As Luscious LaRon

4.  The Disrespectfuls defeated Team Shazam!

5.  “Irishman” James Coller & Slayer were both counted out of the ring by Referee Spanky 1-2-3

6.  Vicious Vince Ceres became #1 contender for the Coastal Heavyweight Title when he defeated Wacky Wayne Woo (with some help from guest referee The IronMan Tommy Cairo)

7.  The Legend, the Icon Magic became Coastal Heavyweight Champion when he defeated Stockade & Biggie Biggs.

A good turnout with an energetic crowd, and 100% of all ticket revenue (as well as some of the wrestlers personal paydays) are being turned over to set up a scholarship fund for 7 year old Karlee Johnson, who also attended the event.

Thanks to both Sacred Heart Parish, and Bella Pizza Cafe of Delran (Show Sponsor) for their efforts.


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Braydon Knight Has The Final Word…….Or Does He?

Braydon Knight wanted to have the final say about the Karlee Johnson Showdown on June 20th, when out of nowhere, The Devil’s Outlaw Stockade attacked him, and told Coastal fans why HE will move on to become the new Coastal Heavyweight Champion.  Don’t miss this show on Friday June 20th at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton, NJ.  Tickets only $10 at the door.

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FINAL Card Announced For The Karlee Johnson Showdown on June 20th!


Coastal Commissioner The Reverend Buddy Graham has just announced the final card  for the Karlee Johnson Showdown, scheduled to take place on  Friday, June 20th  on the new “home” for Coastal Pro Wrestling, Sacred Heart Church.

There are TWO main event matches  The first was made at the last show, and it’s a Singapore Cane Match between Vicious Vince Ceres & the unpredictable Wacky Wayne Woo.  While that itself is a major announcement, Graham also announced that the special guest referee for that match will be none other than ECW original, The IronMan Tommy Cairo, who along with the Sandman, participated in the first Singapore Cane Match in ECW 20 years ago, back in 1994.

Stan Stylez plans on making his Coastal Pro Wrestling debut a huge success by getting a big victory over one of Coastal’s most popular stars, the Cave Man!  Cave Man has had a string of victories not only in Coastal, but throughout the indies.  With that said, so has Stylez, and it seems only fitting that these two should meet on May 31st in Riverton, NJ as Coastal Pro Wrestling presents The Karlee Johnson Showdown.

The team of Beautiful Charlie Salmon & Absolute Adams had a breakdown in their March tag team match against The Buff Brothers……well, sort of.The breakdown was that Adams simply walked out on his tag partner, leaving him to take the loss, and then attacked him not long after.  It was evident before the match that Adams (A Coastal origina),  was not happy with losing his spot for a championship under the new regime of  the Rev. Buddy Graham.  With that said, Commissioner Graham announced that evening that these two could settle their differences at the next Coastal show, scheduled to take place on May 31st at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton.

The tag team known as The Disrespectfuls were, well………DISRESPECTED at the last show.  Not only did they suffer a defeat at the hands of The popular CaveMan and his partner Slayer, their manager was humbled by the ring announcer.  Things will be different on May 31st, according to their manager, Matthew Ryan Shapiro, who is not only giving warnings to their opponents, Team Shazam! but also for ring announcer Phil Varlese that they will not only be defeated, but beaten up badly that night.

Atomic Dog will be making his Coastal debut on May 31st, but Commissioner Graham didn’t make things easy for him, since he will be facing the unpredictable Artist Formerly Known As Luscious LaRon

There will also be a special tribute to long time Coastal Pro Wrestling manager Millionaire John!

The other MAIN EVENT is a Fatal 4 Way, with the winner moving on to wrestle in the finals for the Coastal Heavyweight Championship.  The wrestlers include the very popular MAGIC, and the Unstoppable Braydon Knight.  In addition to those two competitors, The Devil’s Outlaw Stockade‘s suspension has been served, and Commissioner Graham had no choice but to add him to this match.  In addition, former Coastal Heavyweight Champion Biggie Biggs petitioned for a spot in this match, and  Graham was more than happy to oblige.

The Karlee Johnson Showdown will take place at Sacred Heart Church, 103 4th St in Riverton on May 31st.  ALL the proceeds from ticket sales will go towards establishing a scholarship fund for 7 year old Karlee Johnson, who recently lost her father.  Karlee & family will be in the building that evening, so please support her and come out for a great night of pro wrestling & good deeds.  Doors open that evening at 6:15, with a 7 pm bell time.  Tickets are $8 in advance, and $10 at the door on the night of the show.  Advance tickets can be purchased by calling 609-724-4076.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Bella Pizza Cafe, located at 100 Brown St. in Delran.  Also special thanks to Bob Magee of for his coverage of the show.

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The 4 Way To Main Event The Karlee Johnson Showdown

Don’t miss this epic match that will put the winner into the finals for the Coastal Heavyweight Championship.  See “Unstoppable” Braydon Knight, The Legend, The Icon MAGIC, “The Devil’s Outlaw” Stockade, and Jersey Shore legend Biggie Biggs face off in Coastal Pro Wrestling’s most important match to date in 2014!



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