Making Their Coastal Debut on May 31st!

The Rev. Buddy Graham today announced that The Atomic Dog will be making his Coastal Pro Wrestling debut on Saturday May 31st at the Karlee Johnson Throwdown at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton, NJ

Atomic Dog

The popular wrestler  is no stranger to indy wrestling fans, having held titles in many promotions in the tri state area over the years, including a stint as FWF Heavyweight Champion.  Commissioner Graham said that he’ll be making an announcement soon about who Atomic Dog will be facing on May 31at.

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Next Coastal Show Scheduled For May 31st!

Karlee Showdown

Coastal Commissioner The Reverend Buddy Graham has just announced the date for the next show, scheduled to take place on  May 31st on the new “home” for Coastal Pro Wrestling, Sacred Heart Church.  The show is a fundraiser for the Karlee Johnson Scholarship Fund.  Karlee is a young girl who recently lost her dad, and Commissioner Graham wants everyone to come out to the show, and help ensure this wonderful girl’s future.

2 matches have already been announced.  The first was made at the last show, and it’s a Singapore Cane Match between Vicious Vince Ceres & the unpredictable Wacky Wayne Woo.  While that itself is a major announcement, Graham also announced that the special guest referee for that match will be none other than ECW original, The IronMan Tommy Cairo, who along with the Sandman, participated in the first Singapore Cane Match in ECW back in 1994.

Graham also announced a return match between the popular Autumn Breeze & Princess Chrissy Johnson.  The Commissioner has mandated that since Johnson’s manager Rob Tension has too often interjected himself into Chrissy’s matches, he’s going to make this return match a mixed tag, so it will be Johnson & Tension taking on Breeze, and any wrestler in the building that evening!

Other matches will be announced soon, so keep checking back for updates!

Doors open that evening at 6:15, with a 7 pm bell time.  Tickets are $8 in advance, and $10 at the door on the night of the show.  Advance tickets can be purchased by calling 609-724-4076, or at

For more information visit

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Coastal (Quick Results) March 29, 2014.

Reverend Buddy Graham opened the show by making sure everyone knows it is a new day at Coastal and how he is in charge now.

Josh Glide and Wacky Wayne Woo beat James Coller and Vicious Vince Ceres when Coller was pinned by Glide.  As a result of Woo and Vince’s actions post match, Rev. Buddy Graham put them in a Singapore cane match at the next show, scheduled to take place at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton on May 31st.

Geoff Bravo pinned El Angel Azul

The Buff Brothers won their tag match thanks to Absolute Adams and Charlie Salmon got counted out.  After the match both Salmon and Adams fought until Rev Graham told them both that they’d be able to settle this score on the May 31st show.

Princess Christy Johnson (with Rob Tension)  and Autumn  Breeze fought to a  double count out.  Fans seemed to really dislike Johnson, as signs in the ring indicated their distaste for The Princess and her manager.

Cave Man & Slayer got a  surprising win over The Disrespectfuls,  and ring announcer Phil Valdese gave manager Matthew Ryan Shapiro a spelling lesson in front of the Coastal fans.  

Braydon Knight was scheduled to take on Bobby Venom, who was unable to be there.  Knight came out and challenged anyone wanting to wrestle to come to the ring, ,and to everyone surprise Rex Lawless made his long awaited return to Coastal, but in the end it was Knight with the pin and advancement in the Heavyweight Title Tournament.

It looks like Bad Boy Danny Pagan hasn’t missed a beat as he took it to Amadeus last night and got the 123 also moving him along in the title tournament as well.

The legend & icon Magic got the victory over The Devil’s Outlaw Stockade (who was accompanied by Thorson Creed) despite Stockade’s hard fought battle.   Magic also has moved forward in the Heavyweight Title Tournament.  As a result of their post match assault on Magic, Graham has suspended Stockade and Thorson Creed for 60 days.

On May 31st Coastal will feature a 3 way elimination match.   Braydon knight vs Bad Boy Danny Pagan vs Magic will be their next step to the title.

Coastal would like to wish Sargent Dan Gleason, who suffered an injury prior to the show a speedy recovery.

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Get Well Sgt. Dan!

No, this did NOT happen at the show in Riverton last night. This is Sgt. Dan Gleason, who was injured several days ago at work, and had to be airlifted to Atlantic City Medical Center. Dan was unable to make the show last night, but we want to wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.


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Congratulations to Braydon Knight!!

Coastal Pro Wrestling would like to take a moment to congratulate the popular Braydon Knight, who worked with the WWE this past Monday night on the RAW broadcast that took place in Brooklyn, NY.

Knight has already had several appearances for them in the past.

Knight is also a major player in the Coastal Pro Wrestling championship hunt, and had moved forward to the finals of the Coastal US Championship prior to the Coastal relaunch.  He will be appearing on March 29th in Riverton, NJ, when he takes on “The Submission Technician” Bobby Venom.


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Matthew Ryan Shapiro Comments On His Coastal Debut With The Disrespectfuls on 3/29

Matthew Ryan Shapiro is the manager of the pro wrestling juggernaut that includes the Disrespectfuls & Bobby Venom.  Their brand of corporate violence will make their Coastal Pro Wrestling debut in Riverton, NJ on March 29th.

Shapiro his likened the opponents of the Disrespectfuls to taking out the trash.  The problem is that their opponents, Slayer & The Cave Man, won’t be as easy as taking out the trash.  Cave Man seems to be looking forward to the evening of the show.  Slayer has not commented, but he’s a man of few words.  While Mr. Shapiro seems confident that his team will be victorious, their opponents have other plans.

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Roster & Rankings Updated…

Coastal fans, just a quick note to let you know that we’ve revised the Coastal Pro Wrestling rankings, as per Commissioner Buddy Graham.  Some big surprises, with several of the wrestlers moving up, and others moving down.

Also, the Coastal roster has some new photos added….now go check them out!

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Graham Addresses Dissension in the Coastal Locker, and Announces 2 More Show Dates!

New Coastal Commissioner, the Reverend Buddy Graham isn’t playing around.  In this video, he addresses some of the dissension on the Coastal roster, particularly with some of the Coastal “originals”, who are upset with having to prove themselves again in order to move up in the new Coastal rankings.

He plans on addressing this again at the show at Sacred Heart Church in Riverton on March 29th, but in this video he announces two additional dates for Coastal…….which is exciting news for Coastal Pro Wrestling fans!!!

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